About Star4 Mitigation Bank

Star 4 Mitigation Bank is a cost-effective option for wetland and stream mitigation in Northeast Florida comprised of approximately 950 acres of forested Florida freshwater wetlands situated within an area of Northeast Florida that has seen a significant increase in the overall development of both commercial and residential projects. It is federally and state approved and owned by Star 4 Mitigation, LLC of St. Augustine.

Utilizing extensive restorative and enhancement initiatives, Star 4 Mitigation Bank is well positioned to assist development needs in either the St. Johns River Water Management District’s (SJRWMD) drainage Basin 4, or more specifically Basin 5.

The service includes portions of Duval County and much of St. Johns County in the Mandarin, Southpoint, Bayard, and World Golf areas of Northeast Florida.

Star 4 Mitigation Bank was permitted by the SJRWMD in December of 2011, and the Army Corps of Engineers in November of 2012.

Executive Team

our team

Ron Foster is a Florida native, and attended Florida schools. Bobby Cothren grew up in South Georgia and attended Georgia schools.

They co-founded the Stellar Group in Jacksonville, Florida in 1985. Stellar provides design, construction and mechanical services world-wide.

Ron Foster, Sr.

Bobby Cothren

Our History

how it started

In 2002, Ron and Bobby purchased approximately 2000 acres on County Road 208 near Interstate 95 and State Road 16, three miles west of the St. Augustine Outlet Mall, and five miles south of World Golf Village in St. Johns County.

In 2007, they began the permitting process for the Star 4 Mitigation Bank. Ron and Bobby are the principals of Star 4 Mitigation Bank and are involved in the management and marketing.